In not-so-distant future, man took a step further in the technology oriented life style. Fanatics transformed their bodies to mostly machines, integrated antennas and monitors on themselves and finally lost their humanity. A war sprung between them and the conservative naturalists. This fourth world war began and ended in a single day.

A handful of survivors from these revolutionist transformists grow a little conscience and realise the catastrophy they created. They tried to breathe life back to earth in an oasis of land piece they found.

Unfortunately, their research and experiments to give life back to earth among repopulation and reanimation of lost life forms failed. And they finally gave up. 

They accepted the fact that they are the last living things on earth with the bunnies they kept for the experiments.

They released the rabbits and waited for their own lives to end in a delirious state of mind.

The little man in the sky was watching them, laughing at their misery.

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